HF352S 14GG is 52 inches single carriage 3 systems shoe upper machine.


•Three systems, 5.2 inches motor control mini carriage, fast reversing, 15-20% running efficiency promoted.

•Knitting width 48 inches, total needles 728 pcs, suitable for production of single or double pieces boutique shoe upper.

•No waste yarn start, no needs to cut waste yarn, saves cost of waste yarn and labor cost.

•Partial inlay, increases 3D effect, brings more design possibility.

•Adjustable tight knit and tight tuck, high stability of bump stitch, narrowing, pointelle, less waste fabric.

•Touch screen is more visible and easy to operate.

•Auto-lubricating system, regular and quantitative lubrication, better maintenance, less parts wear, extends longevity.

•Internet connection function helps to manage large scale production, mobile APP can achieve remote management.

Touch Screen

One-touch screen, easy operation, satisfied experience.

Needle Bed

Divided structure, steel sheet made from import high quality steel precisely punched and fine polished to reduce the resistance with needles and increase the longevity.


Core spare parts, imported steel, manufactured by high-speed CNC. Fine polishing to achieve surface finish as mirror to reduce the resistance with needles and improve efficiency.

Scissors And Clippers

Clippers work with scissors to increase the knitting efficiency.

Take Down Comb

Use motive release technology, work with clippers and scissors set to decrease the waste yarn, yarn clearing work and increase the productivity.

Positive Yarn Provider

Positive yarn providing, successfully reduce yarn resistance, increase knitting efficiency.